First Rule Of Kettlebell Training



First Rule Of Kettlebell Training – Nobody Talks About Weightloss.

That means no talk of losing weight, bikini bodies, diets, pills, shakes or restrictions.

At Sydney Kettlebell School Of Strength For Women it’s about getting physically and mentally fitter and stronger. Challenge yourself to be better than yesterday – eating to nourish, learning the right training practices, having fun because when you do this – the body aka the waistline takes care of itself.

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Technique Thursday


Tania Poletti Director of PT me Personalised Training and Sydney Kettlebell School of Strength For Women demonstrates how to transfer the Kettlebell using the hook and catch method.



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Kettlebella Kelly Ann’s Story

Kelly Ann Week 1_12

Kelly Ann approached us in December of 2013, she needed to kick start her year – get fit and embed some long term health habits. She signed herself up to our 12 Week New Year New You Challenge in December 2014 and commenced training with us in January 2014.

Kelly Anns Story:

Since the birth of my son almost 4 years ago, I have tried to “get into” a variety of training regimes.  I have tried running, interval training, boot camps, Michelle Bridges 12 week Body Transformation, you name it.  The difference here, is that Tania is real.  She is understanding and encourages everyone at their own ability level whilst pushing you to be the best you can be.

In the beginning, I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing with the right trainer but over the duration of the 12 weeks it was obvious that I had made the right choice.

Tania tells it like it is.  She understands that we all have lives and we all have different reasons for needing her services.  Personally, I took away from the 12 week program a sense of balance as well as a feeling of strength.  I am still making my way into a “healthy weight range” but I am stronger than I have been for as long as I can remember.

Not only has my overall strength improved out of sight but so has my understanding of how muscles work to lift weight. Over the 12 weeks I did the challenge, I managed to lose 10kgs however these results pale in comparison to the mental changes I have been able to make.  I understand a lot more about my body, the way it works, the way it reacts to different situations and I have realised that I may not be perfect every day, but as long as I am trying, I am making progress in the right direction.

My results were obvious, people noticed my physical changes and I started to talk a lot more about the mental changes.  I had never trained with Kettlebells and now I have some at home that I use on days I do not get to train with Tania AND I ACTUALLY USE THEM

I was that overweight Mum, using every excuse in the book as to why I would never be back to how I was pre-baby.  I am married, work full time, have a 4 year old son and a chronic disease and I have been able to fit in enough “me” time to make a lasting change on my life.  I would not have done this without Tania.  I am not at my destination yet, but I am finally enjoying the journey.  I am a Kettlebella!

Anyone can benefit from training with Tania.  From the fit, to the overweight, we all work at our own levels and all see our own progress.  Try it, get yourself a trial pass and see the benefits first hand.

Kelly Ann has now been training with us since January 2014, she surpassed her 12 Week Challenge and now trains for health both mental and physical. Kelly Ann continues to get fitter and stronger. She has gone from struggling to work with 8kg Kettlebells to now working with 16kg and 20kgs, single and double bells. She has also lost a further 5kg as the result of embracing the physical challenge of training for the benefit of her long term health.

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Work on Weakness Wednesday

Building on the Performance Pyramid

Improving performance doesn’t always come from doing what you are good at. Identify and work on areas or movements you are not so strong at – watch your performance improve.

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Tastebud Tuesday

Eat for real change

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Motivation Monday

Born To Succeed

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Kettlebell Mum Group Classes

kettlebell mums classes


Are you a mum looking to return to health and fitness?

Have centimeters to from your waist, butt and thighs?

Want to get fitter – stronger and leaner?

Free between 9.30am and 10.30am every Tuesday and Thursday?

If you answered YES to the above our Kettlebell Mums Classes are for you.


1. Our group classes are effectively 1-1 Personal Training conducted in a group setting so to make it more affordable to you

2. We are not a bootcamp or crossfit. While you work in a group you train within your own ability

3. Our groups are capped at 8 ladies per class to ensure a “personalised service” and your safety

4. We teach – not torture

5. We get results


JaneM W1_8

This is Kettlebella Jane – single mum of 5. This is Jane after 9 weeks of Kettlebell Mums Classes with us. Jane also traveled 40 minutes – twice a week to attend our mums classes.

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Class Location: Pierre de Courbetin Park, Avenue of Oceania, Newington

Places limited to 8

Classes Start: Tuesday 11 November 2014

Time: 9.30am Tuesday and Thursday

Duration: 60 minutes per class

sign up tocay

6 Weekly Payments of $44* SIGN UP NOW   or   1 Payment of $270 SIGN UP NOW


* note direct debit payments incur an $11 once off set up fee and weekly administration fee of $1.30

Please read and understand our “group training” terms and conditions 


Event: Kettlebell Introduction Class


Saturday 8 November 2014 | 9am | Pierre de Coubertin Park – Newington | $12


This is a 60 minute Introduction Class ideal for those wanting to try Kettlebell Training for the first time or ideal for those who already have Kettlebells and are looking to improve technique.

This is a beginners class where you will learn the fundamental move of Kettlebell Training – the Swing. You will also learn why Kettlebell Training is the best training for speedy fat loss, weight loss, strength building and total body sculpting.

See Training Results Here

This class is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Places are limited to 8

imagesaerawerRegistrations close Wednesday 5 November 2014 @ 5pm.

Terms & Conditions

Must register to participate – no registration – no training
Strictly non refundable. If for any reason you can not attend this class payment will be forfeited
No make up classes will be granted

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World’s Heaviest Woman Attempts To Lose Weight To Wed

1. Understanding calories in food is important; Recommended Daily Calorie intake for Men 2500, Women 2000

2. Eat to nourish – not for convenience.

3. Children learn what to eat as the result of parents teachings. Childhood obesity starts with adults.

4. Exercise for great health – physical and mental. Strong heart, strong bones, strong body, mobility, stability and confidence.

Exercise and good nutrition daily is so much more than just about your waistline – it shapes your life!

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Work On Weakness Wednesday

Movement transfer: push up


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