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Event: Kettlebell Introduction Class

Copy of Kettlebell Introduction Class

Saturday 30 August 2014 | 9am | Pierre de Coubertin Park – Newington | $12


This is a 60 minute Introduction Class ideal for those wanting to try Kettlebell Training for the first time

This is a beginners class where you will learn the fundamental move of Kettlebell Training – the swing. You will also learn why Kettlebell Training is the best training for speedy fat loss, weight loss, strength building and total body sculpting. See Training Results Here

This class is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Places are limited to 8

imagesaerawerRegistrations close Thursday 28 August 2014 @ 5pm.

Terms & Conditions

Must register to participate – no registration – no training
Strictly non refundable. If for any reason you can not attend this class payment will be forfeited
No make up classes will be granted

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Tastebud Tuesday

Planning for Good Eating



12WKBT Challenge – Gale’s Story


Meet our 12 Week Online Kettlebell Body Transformation Challenger Gale. Gale completed this 12 week challenge in the comfort of her own home and look at her results

Weight 66kg – 59.8kg
Chest 94cm – 92cm
Waist 84cm – 70cm
Hips 101cm – 91cm

What Gale had to say about her journey

I loved this program – I was skeptical about just using kettlebells but now that I’ve seen the results, I’ve been telling everyone! “Buy a bell”, “swing the bell”, “if you can only do one thing, just swing the bell”.

Tania designed a program that isn’t terrifying – it is doable and I see now totally reflects her mantra of ‘a little progress everyday adds up to big results’. I only thought about things a day at a time which is what made it so easy for me to stick to…

I didn’t have to go anywhere to train – I could do it in my bedroom in the ugliest gym outfit I have and it was awesome and over and done with before I even realised how spent I was – all I had to do was eat well, keep track of everything and just do as little as 20 mins of exercise at a time – simple!



Gale had become complacent with her eating and exercise routine. She had started to gain weight and feel unfit. When she saw a listed opportunity on Facebook - 12 Week Online Kettlebell Body Transformation Challenge, she decided to stop lamenting and start doing something about it

I asked Gale why she chose our program? “I  have worked with Tania Poletti  in person before and knew I would get results AND support. It’s the added effort and consideration that makes me feel like I’m an important client and my questions and concerns are always alleviated and responded to”.

I know that Tania Poletti walks the walk and all that was asked of me was that I commit to the process and trust the process. In the past when I’ve put up arguments and excuses, I haven’t gotten the results  because  I wasn’t doing all the work.

Tania asked me to trust the process completely and I did and I’m glad I did.

Gale added “As the result of working with Tania I got a subject matter expert and got to benefit from someone who has discipline and vision.  I got to work with someone who cared about the process and my progress and someone who was committed to my journey, even on those days I wasn’t”.

As the result of the 12 Week Online Kettlebell Body Transformation Challenge Gale went on to say she has a better understanding of how to manage her meal plans,  food choices and eating habits.  She also has a better understanding of the things she can achieve working hard for short bursts of time instead of killing herself  and boring herself with 90 minute workouts.

I asked Gale what did our program do differently to anything else she had done before?  her response “I received weekly feedback emails to keep me on track and guide me away from bad choices I had made in the previous week so that I wouldn’t repeat them. By committing to the program, Tania was committed to me and was able to give me valuable feedback and tangible advice that I could put into practice from that very moment. When I dropped that ball, Tania was straight on the phone to check in – she wasn’t going to let me slip through the cracks and was supportive and flexible, teaching me that sometimes life gets in the way, but there’s a way to manage a full plate and still prioritise my health and fitness and find a good balance during stressful times”.

I asked Gale what did she get from completing this Challenge

  1. A mindset shift.
  2. A love of working out.
  3. A better understanding of food.
  4. A boost in self-esteem and a clear mind.
  5. A stronger, fitter and leaner body… but mostly
  6. A happy heart

When my friends asked me if I was wearing new jeans, I told them they were old, I just got a new ass!! ‘Nuff said.

Gale concludes

Tania is so good at what she does and what she knows, she doesn’t even have to be in the same room as you. If you trust her process, your results will far outweigh what you could do on your own or in a weekly class or with one of those generic, drag-your-ass around the gym floor for 45 minute programs.

This is the source – what have you got to lose? If you’re ready to work and love yourself, then get ready to see all the things you can and will become capable of doing and being.

Gale committed herself to this challenge and her results speak for themselves. Gale now continues her journey through 1-1 online personal training with us.

If you’d like to achieve what Gales has with us

REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN FOR Round 2 of our 12 Week Online Kettlebell Body Transformation Challenge.

We are taking 4 ladies only

Challenge starts Monday 1 September 2014

For more information register your interest today.

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Round 2: 12 Week Online Kettlebell Body Transformation Challenge



I Am Looking For 4 Ladies Who Fit the Following Criteria to Undergo Round 2 of Our 12 Week ONLINE Kettlebell Body Transformation

- Aged between 27 and 50 
– Would like to lose 5kg or more
– Have access to kettlebells
– Willing to be consulted online
– Willing to take weekly photos and measurements for progress and accountability
– Able to follow a nutritional program and fill in a weekly online food diary
– Are available to start Monday 1 September 2014

If you answered YES to all of the above click the link below and register for a Free Call to discuss your fat loss and see if you are the right fit.

First 4 Ladies only.

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10kg and 2 Dress Sizes Smaller the result of joining our 12 Week New Year New You Challenge.

Since the birth of my son almost 4 years ago, I have tried to “get into” a variety of training regimes.  I have tried running, interval training, boot camps, Michelle Bridges 12 week Body Transformation, you name it.  The difference here, is that Tania is real.

Over the 12 weeks I did the challenge, I managed to lose 10 kgs however these results pale in comparison to the mental changes I have been able to make.

I was that overweight Mum, using every excuse in the book as to why I would never be back to how I was pre-baby. I would not have done this without Tania.

Khyathi (left) a mum and works full time also joined our 12 Week New Year New Challenge and dropped 9kg and dropped two dress sizes. Jane (right) a full time single mother of 5, travels 45 minutes to train with us and has lost 9kg in 9 weeks and is still going. For more testimonials click here


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Motivation Monday

Follow Your Heart


You Are Not Alone


What I have learned over the past few weeks – there are so many people out there who right here – right now are struggling with life. What I have also learned it that people are too proud to admit their struggles for fear of appearing “weak” and being seen as “unable to cope”.

Here is the ironic thing – if everyone let go of their fear of being judged – admitted their struggle and talked about their problems you’d be suprized just how many people would turn around and say ” no way – me me too”…

But rather than relating to others we resort to suppressing our problems. Turning to alcohol – look forward to Friday night to have a few drinks to “unwind” from the week from hell! Turning to drugs to “escape” from ourselves, our problems and reality called life.

The awesome thing about life and our problems is OUR ABILITY to make them worse or solve them. A lot of the time our problems require thinking and possibly our decisions/outcomes impact others so we delay solving them for fear of hurting those we care about.

At the end of the day – life is simple but we get so caught up in the fickleness of materialism and expectation that we forget what really matters – being true to ourselves.

Being true to ourselves means
1. being truly happy with who we are – physically and mentally
2. owning our actions and decisions – no matter opinions or outcomes
3. investing time and effort into only those who reciprocate our efforts
4. not being afraid to stand alone – see no.2
5. being honest with self – no more succumbing to peer pressure or lies
6. stop trying to please others – see no.1 – 5.

When you are true to your own struggles – you start to see the struggles in others. If someone is having a bad day – rather get annoyed at them – take the time to ask if they are okay. You may have more in common than you think.

You are not alone…

Seek Help



WIRE  (Women’s Information and Referral Exchange Inc)

Reach Out



Tastebud Tuesday

11 “Healthy” Foods, That Actually Aren’t


Motivation Monday

Stop Whining, Start Grinding



How To Get The Most Benefit From Your Squat

Tania Poletti performing the goblet squat.


You can do 100 fast reps of an exercise and use very little muscle activation or you can SLOW IT DOWN – think about every muscles required to perform the move and perform the move in a thought about fashion for greater gains.

Let’s take the Squat for an example. Yes they suck and why so many people rush to get them over and done with.

Why do they suck? because every single muscle in the body is used to perform the move – including your heart!

To get the most benefit from your squat – aka to activate all the muscles – slow it down. Performing the squat fast does not give your brain enough time to talk to the muscles and give them instruction to “fire” or :”activate”. Muscle activation is important in keeping you safe while performing the move and also required for increased strength.

Slowing down the squat – thinking about what muscles you need to activate – thinking your way through your body – shoulders down, abs tight, weight in heels, drive up through heels to create tension in legs, glutes and abs while keeping shoulder down and relaxed. This is the message your brain needs to continually be communicating to your muscles every time you perform the squat.

So don’t be in a hurry to get your squats done. FEEL THE MOVE. Try a lower rep range using full muscle activation – the gains will blow your mind.




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