Work On Weakness Wednesday

Up Stream and Downstream/ Knee Pain & Heel Pain

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Motivation Monday

Our Bodies are a reflection of our physical standards…


Watch the below video – what resonated with you?

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What An Image Doesn’t Capture


Why is it I rarely post pics of my Kettlebella’s transformations? Because photo’s cannot show changes which occur on the inside.

My Kettlebellas train at Sydney Kettlebell School Of Strength For Women for the purpose of getting fitter, stronger and to move better. They come to training to challenge themselves be it to perform a move they couldn’t do, do more laps, one more rep. increase in weight, run further or faster. For me, when my Kettlebellas achieve this, it marks their true success. How?.

For them to achieve the above they have to step up to the plate – eliminate all self doubt, rid their mind of can’t and embrace the challenge. In order for them to get physically stronger – they must first get mentally stronger.

This is why my first rule at Sydney Kettlebell School of Strength for Women is “nobody talks about weight loss” . Weight loss makes you weak in mind and in body. Running for hours to be skinny can be detrimental to bones and muscle. Continually comparing your body to others elicits the feeling of not being good enough.

Yes, my Kettlebellas bodies change shape, they melt body fat (10cm in 21 Days, 10kg and 2 dress sizes in 12 weeks) as a result of increasing fitness and lean muscle mass. With less body fat, their lean muscle becomes more evident and gives them the appearance of a smaller – leaner and more toned physique.

My Kettlebellas discover things about themselves they never knew – they become powerful in body and mind.. my Kettlebellas change on the inside as much if not more than they do the outside. That we are unable to capture…

I asked Gale what she got from training with us. Her response
A mindset shift.
A love of working out.
A better understanding of food.
A boost in self-esteem and a clear mind.
A stronger, fitter and leaner body… but mostly
A happy heart

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Kettlebell Mum Group Classes

kettlebell mums classes


Early Bird Special: Sign up before Tuesday 24 March and SAVE $45

Ladies, we understand getting back into training can be extremely nerve racking and intimidating. We want to put your minds at rest and assure you our form of training is low impact – there will be no copious amounts of running, push ups, burpees or need to reach for the spew bucket. For majority of the class you will be standing, walking or laying down – true. You will reap the reward of strength and cardio training while practically standing on the spot.

Our Mums classes are ideal for women who have been out of fitness for a while and looking to ease their way back into it.


Your training sessions will incorporate strength and cardio in the one workout to make  your training sessions the most efficient and effective results driven workout you can do in 60 minutes.

During your sessions you will work your cardiovascular system to improve overall fitness as well as use Kettlebells and your own body weight to build strength and lean muscle mass to ramp up your metabolism – meaning you will burn more calories at rest.  You will see changes in your body including fat loss – centimeter will be shed from your waist, hips and thighs. Your butt will also get tighter as the result of your training.

The combination of Kettlebells and body weight will increase your core strength, improve posture, change your body shape and result in a new found self confidence – bring your sexy back.

All our classes are capped at 8 ladies per class so we can give each lady individual attention during the class for proper instruction and to ensure their safety.

While you work in a group situation – you work within your own capabilities. The group is there to provide support, encouragement and motivation.

We are not a Bootcamp. We teach – not torture. We will teach you that exercise done at the right intensity is fun, challenging and highly rewarding.

See our Client Results.

Are you ready to find yourself again?


JaneM W1_8

This is Kettlebella Jane – single mum of 5. This is Jane after 9 weeks of Kettlebell Mums Classes with us. Jane also traveled 40 minutes – twice a week to attend our mums classes.


Before (L) After (R)

  Kettlebella Sarah after 6 Weeks of Mums Group Classes. Sarah is a mum of 4 boys and was new to Kettlebells never having trained them before. She is now completing our 12 Week New Year New You Challenge.

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Class Location: Pierre de Courbetin Park, Avenue of Oceania, Newington

Places limited to 8

Classes Start: Tuesday 21 April 2015

Time: 9.30am Tuesday and Thursday

Duration: 60 minutes per class

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1 Payment of $450 SIGN UP NOW

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Please read and understand our “group training” terms and conditions 


The Importance of Training Load and Recovery






A Great Explanation on The Importance of Training Load and Recovery…

“Overtraining breaks you down before you reach the starting line. Undertraining breaks you down before you reach the finish line” – Bob and Shelly-lynn Glover, The Competitive Runner’s Handbook

To prevent overtraining it is important to understand the stress response model. The basic model shows that one’s capacity for performance actually decreases during and immediately after training. Recovery brings one up to one’s previous capacity. With further rest one then enters into the supercompensation phase, where the mind and body perform better than they did before the training. (image 1)

If the training is too severe, or the time for recovery is too short, then the effect of workout after workout is a cumulative loss of capacity, leading to overtraining. Supercompensation never gets a chance to occur. (image 2)

To increase athletic capacity, training stimulus must follow training stimulus at the correct interval. If the recovery period is too short, or the training too severe, then overtraining results. If the recovery period is too long, however, the base level of capacity never actually increases. The correct approach to cumulative supercompensation is shown below. In this process the athlete’s baseline level gradually increases over time. (image 3)

Supercompensation is vital for tapering prior to competition. Following a vigorous training regimen it is almost inevitable that some there will be some sort of overtraining. If the taper is correctly executed then the athlete will rebound, his body and mind supercompensate, and he will find himself at a new capacity level by competition time. Keep in mind that it can literally take months to recover from severe overtraining, especially if injuries or illness are involved. The athlete should therefore make sure that his reserves can be completely refilled in the taper period, which is typically 10 to 14 days long or even longer for extreme events (marathon, etc).


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Are you fueling your body right?

Are You Underfueling? Eating too little can have short-term and long-term consequences for your body and your workouts. –

Read Full Article here

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Building Slow Fibers

muscle_fibre_largeGreat articles about how to build slow fibers to increase strength. Articles written by BY PAVEL TSATSOULINE, CHAIRMAN at StrongFirst


You may have guessed that slow fibers take slow movements to train them.  To appreciate the challenge of super slow consider the “Golden God” dance by the famous Soviet Chechen dancer Mahmoud Esambayev.

One slow fiber building protocols used by Prof. Victor Selouyanov. His methods have been used with great success by top Russian athletes from a variety of sports, from bicycle racing to judo; from soccer to full contact karate.




The plan that will increase your pressing strength and endurance by building up slow muscle fibers in your triceps. The plan may be used in conjunction with any type of press—the kettlebell military press, the one-arm pushup, the barbell bench press, etc.



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Technique Thursday

3 Tips For Improving Your Kettlebell Swing



The Kettlebell is a powerful training tool and fast becoming more popular as people discover how efficient and effective this cannonball like piece of equipment it is for strength, conditioning, fat loss and rehabilitation.

The Kettlebell Swing is one of the fundamental moves of Kettlebell training. To execute the Kettlebell swing correctly it requires good skill and technique and when talking to folk about training Kettlebells the most common feedback I hear from folk is how they love kettlebells BUT Kettlebells hurt their back.

So today I want to share with you three (3) tips that will help improve your skill, ensure good technique and keep you safe when training with your Kettlebells.

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Weakness to Warrior Princess

1798331_636192556525889_8633006835840073087_nWhen Kettlebella Godly started training with us in June of 2013 she could not hold a 4kg at lock out above her head or swing with a weight heavier than an 8kg. At 48kg ringing wet she came to us – her goal to get strong.

12 months later after battling illness and a tonsillectomy Godly turned up every session and put in her best effort. What happened to her as a result?

She went from not being able to hold a weight above her head to doing 12kg overhead work. She went from struggling to swing a 8kg to doing 16kg 2hswings and 12kg 1h swings. She was squatting double 12kgs. She was able to perform push ups for reps and chin ups – she became a powerhouse. Not only in body but in mind.10330442_636188749859603_6697940816861225824_n

Godly went on to tackle her first ever tough mudder last year and had a ball. Something she would never have done before starting Kettlebells.

Kettlebell training is as much about strength of mind as it is body. Not only does the body get strong but it forces you to believe in yourself – eliminate all self doubt and do things you never imagine possible.

Godly, a mum and works full time went from weakness to warrior princess.

10974305_636188906526254_4950489191612504067_oSo when you think you can’t – think of Kettlebella Godly – she is proof – anything is possible when you want it bad enough.


Contact us today and let’s see if we can work together to achieve your health and fitness goals too.


Work on Weakness Wednesday

Rebuilding the feet, part 1

Our feet and how them function have a major impact on the rest of our body and how it moves.

Last week we looked at ankle mobility, today we are looking at feet position and mobility drills to reduce joint pain, improve movement and performance.

What kind of foot do you have?

How to Screen Your Ankle, Improve Your Ankles, Improve Performance and decrease Injury.

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